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Boutique Goat Milk Soap

Boutique Goat Milk Soap

Our boutique soap is made on our farm, from the extra rich and creamy milk of our Dwarf Nigerian goats.  The quality of our milk provides a silky smooth lather, leaving your skin feeling extra clean and refreshed.  The custom blends of essential and frangrance oils fill the room with an indulgent aeromatic experience.  


Our soap is not just luxurious though.  All of our soap is lye based, meaning that you get clean of all the grit and grime of the day.  We also add other ingrediants that enhance the quality of your clean.  Abbrasives, such as poppyseed, act as exfoliants and help power off dirt and grime, and activated charcoal detoxifies and clears pores.

  • Additional Info

    • All of our oils are approved for use on skin.
    • Because our soap is lye based, we age the soap for six weeks prior to sales to ensure no skin irritation.
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