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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

Let's face it, everybody needs goats!  Our Dwarf Nigerians are hands down the favorite residents on the farm.  Their tiny stature and personable nature make them the perfect farm pet.  This breed is known for it's unpredictable color patterns, and quirky nature.  Kidding time is our favorite time of the year, and you don't want to miss seeing all the babies hopping all over the place.  Reserve yours now to bring home at the next kidding, they go quickly!

  • Additional Info

    • Our goats are not registered, and therefor are not showable.
    • We will only sell a single kid if you already have a companion for it.  This breed does not do well alone.
    • We offer weathering services if you prefer your buck not to be intact.
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