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Old English Game Bantam/Silkie Cross

Old English Game Bantam/Silkie Cross

This unusual cross is the product of two pure breeds, the Old English Game Bantam and the white Silkie.  As they say, opposites attract, as these two breeds couldn't be any different.  


The Bantam is a tiny, but fiery bird from England originally bred for fighting.  They are often found pairing themselves up against roosters twice their size.  They are cocky and showy, with a range of coloring, normally distinguished by irradecent tail plumage.


The Silkie, by contrast, is a rather docile bird originating from Asia that likes to keep to itself.  They are known to tolerate human interaction well.  The Silkie's feathering is silkie and fluffy, with the head plumage resembling a dandelion tuff.


These crosses seem to acquire the fiesty nature of the Bantam, but are not as aggressive.  Their plumage doesn't favor either breed, except for a bit of a tuff on the head.  What sets these birds apart are their coloring.  The wild color patterns are both interesting and beautiful.  The nature of this cross makes them suitable for as an addition to most flocks, and their exotic look will make great conversation starters.

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